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Template Resolution

Resolution in Support of the Student Statement on the Right to Research

WHEREAS, writing research papers is a requirement of many [Your College] courses; and

WHEREAS, such assignments require access to articles published in academic journals; and

WHEREAS, student access to scholarly literature is primarily provided by subscriptions through the [Your College] libraries; and

WHEREAS, the high cost of academic journals – in some fields, more than $20,000 per year for a single journal subscription – restricts access to knowledge; and

WHEREAS, the cost of these subscriptions has been accelerating at a rate greater than inflation for the past decades; and

WHEREAS, authors of scholarly articles are not paid for their work, with journal profits accruing solely to the publishers; and

WHEREAS, the majority of research funding comes from public sources, supported by taxpayers; and

WHEREAS, all students deserve access to the full body of published scholarly literature; and

WHEREAS, “open access” is an alternative to the traditional closed, subscription-access system of scholarly communication; and

WHEREAS, open access provides free online access to the results of scholarly research while maintaining quality controls, such as peer review; and

WHEREAS, several national and international student organizations and student governments have developed the Student Statement on the Right to Research to explain student interests in the scholarly communications system and to rally students in support of open access; then

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the students of [Your College] endorse the Student Statement on the Right to Research and open access to academic research; and

THEREFORE, BE IT FUTHER RESOLVED that the students of the [Your College] call on the [Your College] administration, governments and research funders, researchers, and fellow students to support open access to academic research.

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