Right to Research Coalition


Handouts and Posters

Use these materials to aid your efforts in engaging students and other members of your campus community.  You can print them yourself, or you can request copies be sent to you by sending an email to contact [at] righttoresearch [dot] org.


R2RC Open Publishing Guide for Students: our open publishing guide presents students with the ways in which they can make their research openly available for the widest possible readership and lays out the benefits of doing so – both as authors and as readers.

A customizable design file will be available soon.


Open Access Flyer: ready to be posted around campus or used as a leave-behind, this short handout is designed to be a flexible tool in getting students’ attention and raising awareness of Open Access.

Download the customizable design file (.indd) 


Open Access Flyer Translations: download translations of our Open Access Flyer in Arabic, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, and Spanish.

Right to Research Brochure: the centerpiece of our campus resources, this guide is a tool you can use to engage the students on your campus. This brochure outlines the problem of access; introduces the principle of Open Access; indicates how Open Access can make life as a student easier, advance research, widen access to those who need it, and increase visibility for student scholars; and offers ways to support OA. New in January 2008. Order them (below) or download a printable version [pages or spreads]. (Publication number RR2008)

Right to Research Brochure: Spanish Version

Right to Research Brochure: Greek Version

Open Access Rack Cards: eye-catching and inexpensive to distribute, our new Open Access teaser cards are designed to grab student attention where they roam. Order copies or print your own, tear apart, and place this guerrilla piece strategically around campus - in library carrels, around the coffee shop, or around the department. Phrases like "The article you couldn't read might have earned your paper an A+, but you'll never know" point readers directly to the problem of research access and invite them to check the righttoresearch.org Web site to learn more. New in July 2008. Order professionally printed copies (below) or download. (**OA cards are priced at 25 copies for $6.50.** Publication number RRCARD08).

Right to Research Student Poster: measuring 27" x 38" it's large enough to catch students' attention and can be read from far away.  The poster highlights both the right taxpayers have to access the results of federally funded research and the astounding price tags of some journals. Order professionally printed copies by contacting us or download

Open Access Stickers: these stickers, which read "I HAVE THE RIGHT TO RESEARCH," are a great compliment to any on-campus event, and a great way to start conversations about Open Access.  Order professionally printed  by contacting us or download.








To order copies of a Right to Research Coalition resources, contact the ARL Publications Distribution Center and refer to the publication number above. You can order a supply by:

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