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Speakers Database

200+ Open Access, Open Research Data and Open Education speakers in 40+ countries for your event


You can add to, edit, or support the database from anywhere but currently the database itself isn't designed for mobile use and can take a few seconds to load, please be patient.

Google Spreasheet to DataTables

Take down requests: If you would like your information to be removed, or partially removed from the database please use this form. If an entry is inaccurate, but you do not want it removed, please update the entry

Disclaimer: The information found in the database is provided by the public and is not endorsed by SPARC or the Right to Research Coalition. You are advised to check information found before use.

The Open Speakers Database is maintained by SPARC and the Right to Research Coalition, but relies on contributions from the community. The data is licensed CC-0, and can be downloaded here. Our code for the database visualisation can be found on GitHub, under an MIT licence. All other content is licensed CC-BY unless otherwise stated, and we encourage reposting. We do ask that if you do this, you let us know here so we can keep you up to date on changes.

Creative Commons Licence
Open Research and Education Speakers Database by Right to Research Coalition is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.