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IFMSA MM2015 "Virtual pre-GA"

 A virtual pre-ga for the IFMSA March Meeting 2015


Dear pre-GA participants,

I must begin with an apology, I understand that my not being able to attend lead to the cancellation of the pre-GA. The organisers know how much I value the work of the IFMSA and the Right to Research has long been a partner with the IFMSA for this work. However, as an organise our staff travel extremely frequently but we do not allow this if there is any possible threat to our safety. However, not wanting to leave you without some way to learn about these issues I thought I’d put together a “virtual” pre-GA.

The following videos will introduce you to the topics of Open Access, Open Education and, Open Data in theory. You’ll also be introduced to the topic in action, and see how being open can be useful as a student, how it impacts how reproducible our science is and why it’s important for human health. Finally, you’ll see how the policy environment around these issues is changing. Each of these video’s is a high-quality recording of the leading thinkers and actors on the topic they’re discussing, often I have edited them to ensure they’re as concise as possible.

Once you have worked your way through the videos, which will take around 6 hours, I’m more than happy to discuss the topics raised in the videos online! You can find doodles and my email below!

Joe McArthur


  1. Introduction to Open Access and Open Education
  2. Being Open as a student or Early-Career Researcher 
  3. Introduction to Open Data
  4. Open Data and Reproducibility in Research
  5. Importance of Open Science To Human Health
  6. Open Access and Open Education policy

Q and A session

Once you’ve completed watching those lectures, I’d love to talk to you! I’ve put together a doodle poll for you all to arrange a time to chat. It’s for a month from now.

Answer the doodle: http://doodle.com/gx7epbpd2v7k7iv3

If that fails though, you can catch me whenever by emailing joe@righttoresearch.org