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Students’ Most Important OA Tool to Date

Published Oct 25, 2010, 1:42pm

Welcome to the new Right to Research Coalition Web site!  We’re really proud of the new design and believe the new site will be a great resource for students to learn about Open Access (OA), take action to support OA locally, nationally, and internationally, and stay up to date on student-related OA news.  

Despite the dramatic effect limited access to journals has on them, Open Access can be a difficult issue to get students interested in.  Let’s face it, scholarly publishing doesn’t seem like the sexiest issue at first glance.  So, our new site explains, in very concrete terms, both the great opportunities Open Access presents and the negative consequences access barriers to research create – not just for students, but also for doctors, patients, researchers, those in the developing world, and others.  Concrete, experience-driven communication about Open Access has propelled our coalition to represent over 5.5 million students in our first year, and we’re excited to now reach an even broader audience through this new site. Some of the new features of the Right to Research Coalition Web site include: 

  • Learn: A section where you can learn about Open Access in terms that relate to you, as a student;

  • Take Action pages where individual students, student organizations, and student governments, as well as librarians and professors can act locally and nationally to educate and advocate for Open Access;

  • The Individual Statement on the Right to Research: A new version of our Student Statement on the Right to Research open for individual students and anyone else to sign and show their support for Open Access;

  • Resources: A section for the coalition’s ever-expanding suite of resources to enable student OA advocacy and education efforts, including handouts, posters, videos, and more;

  • Open Students: Our new blog providing important student-related Open Access news, commentary, and opinion as well as blog series on relevant topics.

We’re particularly excited about the new blog as a way not only to keep students up-to-date on the Open Access movement, but also to give students a platform to explain why Open Access is important to them.  Our first blog series is already in the works and will feature student guest contributors from around the world detailing the difficulties they face in trying to access academic research.

One of our coalition’s main objectives is to educate the next generation of scholars and researchers about Open Access.  This new Web site will be a crucial tool in enabling us to reach more individual students, enable peer-to-peer education, and continue to grow and cement the student voice within the Open Access movement. As the scholars and researchers of tomorrow (and today), our growing voice means we will create change.

We need to let people know this resource is out there, so please consider sharing these details personally with friends, colleagues, and anyone you think may be interested, as well as through Facebook, Twitter, organizational list servs, or any other way you think would be appropriate.  (It’s all easy with the links at the top of the page). Thanks for your help!

We’d welcome any feedback on the Web site. Just send your thoughts and comments to me at nick [at] arl [dot] org.

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