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Access to Research is a Student Right
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Coalition of student organizations calls for Open Access

Published Jun 12, 2009, 6:30pm

A coalition of national and campus student organizations has released the Student Statement on The Right to Research:

… Learning and inquiry are impeded when scholars lack access to fellow researchers’ work, and when students lack access to the work of scholars before them.

At the same time, digital technologies have opened new opportunities for research. New tools facilitate faster discoveries, speed the development of new technologies, and accelerate the progress of science. Patients could have access to the latest medical research, citizens could evaluate scientific information on environmental impacts, and developing countries could apply the most recent scholarship to public health and development efforts. But access barriers leave these opportunities under-explored. …

The statement ends with a call to action:

… We hereby:

Call upon universities to support Open Access

  • We believe universities should adopt policies that ensure Open Access to their faculty’s research, such as the policies adopted at Harvard University and Stanford University.

Call upon governments and research funders to support Open Access

  • We believe research agencies should adopt policies that ensure Open Access to publicly funded research, such as that of the National Institutes of Health and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.
  • We believe charitable funders likewise should adopt policies that ensure Open Access to their funded research, such as that of Autism Speaks and the Canadian Cancer Society.

Call upon researchers to support Open Access

  • We believe researchers should publish in Open Access journals, and/or deposit their peer-reviewed manuscripts in Open Access repositories.

Commit to support Open Access in our activities

  • We will undertake activities, in our membership and on our campuses, to educate students about Open Access and to engage them in efforts supporting Open Access.

The statement is endorsed by the American Medical Student Association, the Student PIRGSStudents for Free Culture, and Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, as well as the California Institute of Technology Graduate Student Council and the Trinity University Association of Student RepresentativesYour organization can join, too!


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