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SAVE THE DATE! Student and Early Stage Researcher Satellite Conference to Berlin 11 Open Access Meeting

Published Aug 21, 2013, 11:22am

In conjunction with this year’s Berlin 11 Open Access meeting, the Max Planck Society and Right to Research Coalition will host the first-ever satellite conference to the Berlin conference series specifically for students and early stage researchers on November 18th in Berlin, Germany.  The meeting will feature presentations from leading voices of the Open Access community and will foster a discussion around the current state of Open Access, the unique challenges and opportunities students and early stage researchers face in the transition to Open Access, and how attendees can catalyze this transition.

This new satellite conference reflects the importance of students and early stage researchers as the next generation of scholars and the impact these groups are already having in opening up scholarly communication.  The agenda will be specifically tailored to the position of students and early stage researchers within the scholarly communication system.  It will address both the power these groups have to create change as well as the challenges early-career researchers face from a scholarly publishing system in transition.

More details about the event will be announced over the coming month, and public registration for the conference will open by September 16th.  To receive updates on the meeting and a notification when registration is open, please fill in the form below. A limited number of travel grants will be made available for those who would not otherwise be able to attend.  Applications for travel grants will be posted when registration opens in September.

A limited number of seats will be available to non-student attendees of the main Berlin 11 conference.

The Berlin Open Access Conference Series convenes leaders in the science, humanities, research, funding, and policy communities around The Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities.  Issued in 2003 by international research, scientific, and cultural institutions, the declaration promotes the Internet as a medium for disseminating global knowledge and has been signed by the leaders of over 400 research institutions, libraries, archives, museums, funding agencies, and governments from around the world.

The Right to Research Coalition is an international alliance of student organizations, representing approximately 7 million students in over 100 countries around the world, that work to achieve an open system of scholarly communication through advocacy and education.  More information about the Right to Research Coalition is available at

The Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science is an independent, non-profit research organization. The primary goal of the Max Planck Society is to promote research at its own institutes. The Max Planck institutes perform basic research in the interest of the general public in the natural sciences, life sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. Currently, the Max Planck Society operates 80 institutes, four of which are in Italy, the Netherlands and the USA. For more information visit the website

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