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Apply Now! Generation Open Grants to Support Young Researcher-Led Open Access Week Events

Published Jul 22, 2014, 4:14am


Today, the Right to Research Coalition announces the Generation Open Grants, a new initiative to support students and early career researchers in hosting events and raising awareness during the 2014 International Open Access Week, from October 20th through the 26th. The grants build upon this year’s Open Access Week theme of Generation Open, which will highlight the importance of students and early career researchers and explore how the transition toward Open Access affects researchers at different stages of their careers.


The Right to Research Coalition will fund a total of $4,000 in Generation Open Grants, ranging in size from $250 up to a maximum of $1,000 per organization. Those applying for a grant will have the ability to choose what level of funding they feel is appropriate for their proposed event. Guidance on expectations for grants of various sizes can be found on the Generation Open Grant homepage.


The Generation Open Grants can be put toward a range of events, from watch parties for the SPARC-World Bank Open Access Week Kickoff Event to campus-wide campaigns and mini-conferences. This year’s grant program builds on previous Right to Research Coalition efforts during Open Access Week, most notably a partnership with the Medical Students’ Association of Kenya which educated nearly half of Kenyan medical students about Open Access during the week. The Generation Open Grants will seek to identify and support innovative new ideas for events and awareness raising strategies to engage peers and/or the wider campus community on Open Access. A perfect example of this being OpenUCT’s “Open Access Challenge”.


Seven years ago, students partnered with SPARC to organize a day of coordinated on-campus events in support of Open Access that quickly grew into International Open Access Week. The Generation Open Grants will support and advance the involvement of students and early career researchers that lies at the heart of Open Access Week.


Applications are now open and will close on August 18th at midnight Pacific Daylight Time (GMT - 7:00). Winning applications will be announced by August 29th. You can find more information on the Generation Open Grants as well as how to apply here

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