Right to Research Coalition


Announcing our inaugural Steering Committee


We’re pleased to announce the Right to Research Coalition’s (R2RC) inaugural Steering Committee, composed of distinguished student leaders from R2RC member organizations.

As many of you already know, our membership has grown rapidly over the past year, but we’ve grown in many ways beyond sheer size.  We have more opportunities now than ever to increase student engagement in the Open Access movement, and this newly formed Steering Committee will be crucial in helping to prioritize, plan, and execute projects to take advantage of these opportunities.  As our coalition becomes increasingly international, the committee will also ensure our membership’s full diversity is represented in our efforts.

The members of the first Right to Research Coalition Steering Committee are:

These student leaders bring a diverse and impressive set of experiences to the coalition that I believe will be invaluable in guiding our organization through its second year and continued rapid growth.  

We will continue to add seats to the committee as our membership expands and becomes increasingly international.  More information about the committee and its members is available here on our Web site at: http://www.righttoresearch.org/about/governance.