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Make a 2-minute video, share your voice, win an iPad!

Published Mar 7, 2011, 11:16am

Students have one of the most important and compelling stories to tell about Open Access: our educations are on the line, stopping at the edges of so many different pay walls.  We risk graduating with an understanding that is incomplete or out-of-date… limited to the material our institution can afford rather than what we need.

To help capture those stories, we’re excited to co-sponsor this year’s 4th annual Sparky Awards, a video contest for students to express what Open Access means to them - with the chance to win an iPad, iPhone, or iPod.  Students are welcome to enter in one of 3 categories: animation, remix, and speech.

As in past years, we’re sure the animated entries will be dazzling. And, we can’t wait to see where students take the remix category. But, we’re most excited for the simple, straight-up videos that will come from the speech category.  While virtually all students are affected by limited access to journals, we all have a different story to tell – from everyday frustrations with access barriers to the extreme limits endured in many countries. The speech category will allow students to focus exclusively on what they have to say, rather than on video production. So, we hope to see many entries from students who might not have otherwise had the time or technical inclination to enter.

During our student summit this past August, we asked a few student leaders to discuss why Open Access is important to them personally. These are great examples of what we’re looking for in the speech category.

Fabian Bauwens
PhD Candidate, Johns Hopkins University 


Nick Bramble
Researcher, Yale University


Kevin Donovan
Alumni Advisory Board, Students for Free Culture

Laura Lynch
President, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Graduate Student Association

We hope you’ll consider sitting down for a few minutes and recording your thoughts on why Open Access is important to you, to the research in your discipline, or to students around the world.  It won’t take long, and your voice will contribute greatly in defining the narrative of how Open Access can benefit students – not to mention the fact that you could win an iPad!

Finally, please don’t keep the Sparky Awards a secret!  Tell your friends (and make them promise to share their iPad if they win!).

For more information and contest details, visit

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