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OpenCon 2014 Sponsorship Opportunities

NOTE: Please visit the new OpenCon 2014 website for the most up-to-date information on sponsorship: www.opencon2014.org/sponsorship.

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We hope to partner with organizations and institutions that understand the benefits of empowering the next generation to change the way research outputs are shared and seek to play a leadership role in facilitating positive change.

Click here for our full sponsorship invitation document for OpenCon 2014, which includes the sponsorship levels and benefits of sponsorship.

The levels of sponsorship are listed below.  If you are interested in sponsoring OpenCon 2014 or discussing options for doing so, please fill in the form below, and you will be contacted with further details.

OpenCon 2014 Sponsorship Levels (number available in parenthesis):

Sponsorship is open to organizations or individuals with a commitment to the value of Open Access, Open Educational Resources and Open Data and subject to approval from the organizers according to SPARC’s sponsorship guidelines.