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Generation Open Grants

Generation Open Grants for
International Open Access Week 2014

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Introducing Generation Open Grants

Generation Open Grants are a new Right to Research Coalition initiative to support students and early career researchers in hosting events and raising awareness during the 2014 International Open Access Week, from October 20th through the 26th. The grant program builds upon this year’s Open Access Week theme of Generation Open, which will highlight the importance of students and early career researchers and explore how the transition toward Open Access affects researchers at different stages of their careers.

The Right to Research Coalition will fund a total of $4,000 in Generation Open Grants, ranging in size from $250 up to a maximum of $1,000 per organization.

Generation Open Grants can be put toward a range of events, from watch parties for the SPARC-World Bank Open Access Week Kickoff Event to campus-wide campaigns and mini-conferences. Generation Open Grants also seek to identify and support innovative new ideas for events and awareness raising strategies to engage peers and/or the wider campus community on Open Access.

Applications are now open and will close on August 19th at midnight Pacific Daylight Time (GMT - 7:00). You can find more information on the Generation Open Grants as well as how to apply on this page

A full announcement can be found here

Event ideas

$250: Local watch party

These would be grants aimed at supporting simple events and to pay for costs such as catering and printing. An example event would be hosting a local watch party for the SPARC-World Bank Open Access Week Kickoff Event with some provided food and drink refreshments. Another example could be using the grant for material to produce Overprice Tag or buy a prize for an Open Access challenge.

$500: Large local events

This size grant could go to support a screening of the SPARC-World Bank Open Access Week Kickoff Event that is supplemented with in-person speakers and includes a plan to attract a significant audience. This level of event should also be tied to action items, such as meeting with university administrators to express support for Open Access or any of the event add-ons listed below. Grant support could be used for merchandise, catering, and handouts.

$1000: National events / week-long campaigns

Grants of this size would support ambitious events, for example conference style events attracting participation from across a region or a series of smaller events facilitated by a larger organisation. A grant at this level could also go to an organization hosting a series of events and/or awareness raising actions throughout the week.

Event Add-ons

The following ideas, strategies, and actions can be incorporated into your main event proposal to strengthen your application and increase your chance of being funded:

  • Get local faculty and/or librarians involved

  • Host an Open Access information booth during the week

  • Create an on-campus Open Access working group after the week

  • Raise awareness of the cost of journals with Overprice tags which show how expensive journal prices are.

  • Live stream and/or record the event

  • Solicit matching funds for the event

  • Develop a social media plan for the event

  • Set up tables for an  “Open Access Challenge” where individuals are asked to answer a research question with and without access to our university’s journal subscriptions

  • Publicise the Open Access Button as part of your event - What this means.


Application Guidelines

  • Generation Open Grants are for events hosted by student or early career researcher-led organizations. Funds must be receive by an eligible organization, and restrictions prohibit the transfer of funds to individuals.

  • In the case of an organization having local and national groups, we will accept multiple applications from one organization. However, where possible, applications should be grouped.

  • Applications for timeshifted event that occur up to two weeks before or two weeks after Open Access Week (October 20-26) will be accepted.

  • Applications will be assessed on event location, impact, visibility, novelty and achievability.

  • Grantees receiving $500 or less will need to submit a 1 page report. Grants in excess of $500 will require a 2 page report. Reports are due within 30 days of the completion of the sponsored event. For all funded events, we expect supporting materials such as photos and videos to be submitted with a CC-BY licence alongside receipts for purchases. Finally, we request a blog to be written about the event.

We will announce the selected Generation Open Grant recipients by August 29th. Unfortunately, due to time restraints, we will not be able to feedback on unsuccessful applications.

Grant application support

There is support available for developing your application and planning your event. We’ve setup a number of drop-in calls which you can ask questions, get feedback on an idea, or troubleshoot a problem.

5 - 7pm GMT+1 on Thursday 24th of July - Click to join (Google Hangout) - Call notes

8 - 10am GMT+1 on Wednesday 29th of July - Click to join (Google Hangout) - Call notes

3 - 5am GMT+1 on Tuesday 5th of August - Click to join (Google Hangout) - Call notes

5 - 7pm GMT+1 on Thursday 14th of August - Click to join (Google Hangout) - Call notes

[More announced soon]



If you can’t make those calls though, feel free to contact Joe [AT] righttoresearch [DOT] org and we’ll be in touch.

Apply for a Generation Open Grant

To apply for a Generation Open Grant, please fill in the form below. Applications will remain open from July 22nd until August 18th at midnight Pacific Daylight Time (GMT - 7:00).  Successful applicants will be notified by August 29th.


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