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Major Media Coverage of FRPAA & RWA

January 5, 2012
The Atlantic - Why Is Open-Internet Champion Darrell Issa Supporting an Attack on Open Science?

January 6, 2012
Wired - Congress Considers Paywalling Science You Already Paid For

January 7, 2012
Scientific American - The Research Works Act would deny taxpayers access to federally funded research.

January 10, 2012
The New York Times - Research Bought, Then Paid For

January 16, 2012
The Guardian - Academic publishers have become the enemies of science
The New York Times - Cracking Open the Scientific Process

January 22, 2012
The Chronicle of Higher Education - Who Gets to See Published Research?
The New York Times - Should Research Be More Freely Available?

January 26, 2012
The Huffington Post - SOPA's Killer Cousin You've Probably Never Heard About

January 28, 2012
Forbes - Elsevier's Publishing Model Might be About to Go Up in Smoke
The Lancet - The Research Works Act: a damaging threat to science

January 30, 2012
Wired - Testify: The Open-Science Movement Catches Fire
The Chronicle of Higher Education - Elsevier Publishing Boycott Gathers Steam Among Academics

February 1, 2012
Science Insider - Thousands of Scientists Vow to Boycott Elsevier to Protest Journal Prices

February 2, 2012
The Guardian - Scientists sign petition to boycott academic publisher Elsevier

February 4, 2012
The Economist - The price of information

February 7, 2012
The Scientist - Occupy Elsevier?

February 9, 2012
The Independent - The future of academic publishing
Slate - The Other Academic Freedom Movement
The Times Higher Education - Elsevier defends stance on anti-open-access bill
Wired - Open Science Revolt Occupies Congress

February 10, 2012
Science Insider - Lawmakers Reintroduce Public Access Bill

February 12, 2012
The Boston Globe - Why scientists are boycotting a publisher

February 13, 2012
The New York Times - Mathematicians Organize Boycott of a Publisher

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