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Join Jack Andraka in making publicly funded research available to all!

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Jack Andraka perfectly illustrates the power of free, online access to scientific and scholarly research articles, a concept called Open Access. Yet, even though taxpayers fund much of the published research, most scientific papers are locked behind expensive paywalls that can cost $30 per article or thousands of dollars per journal subscription. These prices are so high that students like Jack — and even top researchers — often have to go without the benefit of cutting edge information in their field.

Fortunately, Jack and others are advocating for a solution, called the Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act (or FASTR).  FASTR is a bipartisan bill that would require research articles funded by taxpayers to be made freely available online within six months.  This bill would help both students like Jack and established researchers alike to gain access to the articles they need to discover the next breakthrough, accelerate scientific advancement, and improve the lives of people all around the world, while generating economic and job growth.

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