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General Assembly 2013

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Registration for the General Assembly is now open! Registration is required to attend the GA, and you can register by visiting our registration page.

Want to get more involved? We will also be organizing a leadership retreat and advocacy training session immediately following the GA on the afternoon of August 4th and the morning of August 5th. This additional day will focus on implementing action items coming out of the GA and building advocacy skills with expert trainers. If you're interested in attending this additional day, please register here


The Right to Research Coalition will host its second General Assembly this summer from August 2nd through 4th in Budapest at the European Youth Centre. The meeting will convene leaders of student organizations from around the world to chart the future of student efforts promoting Open Access.

Date and location: August 2nd through the 4th at the European Youth Center in Budapest, Hungary. Participants are encouraged to arrive at the venue by 1:00pm on the 2nd as the meeting will begin in the early afternoon of that day. Likewise, participants should try to depart Budapest in the late afternoon of the 4th (after 3:00pm) as there will be morning sessions on the last day.

Who should attend?  All Right to Research Coalition members are encouraged to send one to two delegates to the General Assembly; however, a number of additional slots will likely be available for organizations interested in sending more delegates. Please contact nick [at] arl [dot] org if your organization is interested in sending more delegates and hasn't already made arrangements to do so.

Cost: The suggested participation fee is $145 (approximately €110) and will cover full room and board. If your organization cannot cover the fee on your behalf, there is an option to waive the fee at registration. We don't expect individual participants to cover this fee out of pocket.

Funding assistance: Attendees are asked to cover as much of their own expenses as possible (including travel costs and the participation fee); however, we don't want cost to discourage members from attending the GA, so the Right to Research Coalition will have funding available as a supplement for those who require it. To request funding assistance, please get in contact with us by sending an email to nick [at] arl [dot] org.

Program and speakers: The program and speakers will be confirmed over the coming weeks. Sessions will cover topics such as national and international Open Access advocacy, campus advocacy, best practices on engagement and peer-to-peer education, working with professional societies, Open Access Week 2013, and more. After you've registered, you will receive an email once the program is announced.

Format: Our goal at the General Assembly is to foster discussion among the coalition members, share success stories and ideas, and build a vision for the future role of students in making Open Access a reality. As such, most of the sessions will be discussion-based with a panel seeding the conversation. Also, the meeting will be limited to a smaller number of participants to allow for more effective discussion, so expect to know everyone by the end of the GA!

Schedule & Agenda

Thursday, August 1

08:00-24:00: Arrivals

Friday, August 2

08:00-14:30: Arrivals
14:30-15:00: Coffee break
15:00-17:00: Afternoon Session: Welcome and introductions
     Welcome; GA logistics, expectations, and outcomes
     Introductions and organization presentations
17:00-17:45: OPTIONAL: Open Access 101
18:00-19:00: Welcome reception (4th Floor)
19:00-20:00: Dinner
20:00-20:45: Free time
20:45: Social Program

Saturday, August 3

08:00-08:45: Breakfast
09:00-11:00: Morning Session I: The Current State of Open Access and Student Involvement
     The current state of Open Access & Open Educational Resources
     National and international advocacy
11:00-11:15: Coffee break
11:15-13:15: Morning Session II: The Current State of Open Access and Student Involvement 
     Campus advocacy
     Education and awareness raising
     Working with professional societies
13:15-14:00: Lunch
14:00-15:45: Afternoon Session I: Advancing Student Involvement in Open Access
     Engaging members: what’s realistic for your organization?
     Open Access Week 2013
     Open Access Button Demo; R2RC "big project"
15:45-16:00: Coffee break
16:00-18:30: Afternoon Session II: Advancing Student Involvement in Open Access
     Discussion of revised Student Statement, inclusion of OER
     Improving the internal structure of the R2RC
     Ideas Lab
18:30-19:45: Free time
19:45: Depart the EYC for dinner in Budapest
21:30: Social Program following dinner

Sunday, August 4

08:00-08:45: Breakfast
09:00-11:00: Morning Session I: Putting Ideas into Action
     Outcomes and follow up from Ideas Lab 
     Regional breakout session
11:00-11:15: Coffee Break 
11:15-13:00: Morning Session II: Putting Ideas into Action
     Reports from regional breakout
     Meeting evaluation
13:00: Departures
13:00-14:00: Lunch

Optional Post-GA Advocacy Workshop

Sunday, August 4

14:00-18:00:  Advocacy Workshop Part I
18:00-18:30: Free time
18:30-19:30: Dinner
19:30-20:30: Free time
20:30: Social program

Monday, August 5

08:00-08:45: Breakfast
09:00-13:00: Advocacy Workshop Part II
13:00: Departures
13:00-14:00: Lunch


Venue: The meeting and accommodations will be at the European Youth Centre Budapest, located at 1024 Budapest, Zivatar utca 1-3. Hungary.

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Travel to and from the European Youth Centre: you can find directions for how to get to and from the GA conference venue on the Europe Youth Centre's website here. You will have to arrange your own travel to and from the meeting; however, the EYC is centrally located and easily accessible by public transportation.

Emergency Contact: If you have any urgent problems, you can reach the coalition's director and meeting organizer at any time at +1 615 400 1449.  For less urgent matters, he can be reached at nick [at] arl [dot] org.

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