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Template FRPAA Sponsor Thank You Letter

[Your name & address]


[Legislator's Address]

[Legislator's Fax number, if faxed]


Dear Senator / Representative ,

I am writing to applaud your leadership in introducing [S. 2096 OR H.R. 4004], "The Federal Research Public Access Act of 2012."  This important legislation will ensure that students – and the rest of the public – have free and timely access to articles reporting of the results of government-funded research projects.

[Add information about you or your organization and why public access is important to you specifically.] 

Due to often-high subscription prices and shrinking library budgets, students – and the professors who teach us – often run into barriers when trying to access research articles, a large portion of which are underwritten with our tax dollars. Your bill will significantly expand students’ access to the research articles that form the building blocks of our education – from the core to the cutting edge.  By improving undergraduate and graduate education, FRPAA will provide students the up-to-date training we need to hit the ground running after graduation and will equip the United States with the highly skilled workforce necessary to compete in a 21st century economy.

Thank you for your leadership on the important issue of public access to federally funded research.  Please don’t hesitate to let me know how our community can be of assistance in building support for [S. 2096 OR H.R. 4004].  We look forward to working with you to secure its passage.


[your name]


cc. [your representative – see www.house.gov]

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