Right to Research Coalition


Profiles of Student Advocates

“The purpose of research is wide dissemination and cultivation of knowledge. With increasing journal subscription costs and decreasing library budgets, we as users and producers of scientific knowledge are taking a stand to support open access to scholarly research.  As a student government concerned both locally and globally, we feel this is not only a responsibility to our own constituency, but also to researchers and human advancement worldwide.”

Kevin McComber
Vice President, MIT Graduate Student Council

 “Medical students depend on access to the latest research, both in the classroom and later as practicing physicians and researchers.  Open Access directly translates into better care for our patients by ensuring a comprehensive and accurate medical education, hastening the speed of discovery, and making information on drug safety and treatment effectiveness available to all doctors.”

Tim Anderson
AIDS Advocacy Network, Steering Committee
American Medical Student Association

 “When healthcare workers lack access to the latest medical literature, it is their patients who suffer from it. This is especially striking for healthcare providers who work in poor countries, whose patients are the most vulnerable and marginalized. Medical advances are useless if the world's clinicians are unaware of them.”

Laura Janneck
AIDS Advocacy Network, Steering Committee
American Medical Student Association

“Much like textbooks, the publishers of scholarly journals are pricing students out of information vital to their studies.  Skyrocketing subscription costs are outstripping library budgets, and students are missing out on important research and recent developments in their fields.  Open Access empowers students to enhance their own education and contribute to future discoveries.”

Nicole Allen
Director, Make Textbooks Affordable Campaign
The Student PIRGs

 “Open Access will remove barriers for all graduate-professional students in our roles as educators, researchers, and scholars. Widespread dissemination and access to research will aid graduate-professional students to advance science and improve the lives and general welfare of the people of the United States and around the world.”

Alex Evans
President, National Association of Graduate-Professional Students