Right to Research Coalition



The Right to Research Coalition is organized around the Student Statement on the Right to Research, which each member endorses upon joining and which defines the scope of the Coalition.  As an issue-based organization with a clear and consistent mission and area of action, the Coalition’s governance favors informality and agility, allowing the Coalition’s director to focus the Coalition’s efforts on issues as they arise within the purview of the Student Statement.

Steering Committee

The Right to Research Coalition Steering Committee’s main function is to provide rapid programmatic decision-making support for the Coalition’s director and to help guide the strategic direction of the Coalition.  The Steering Committee is populated by members on a voluntary basis and should reflect the membership of the Coalition, both in organizational type and geographic location, to the greatest extent possible.  Steering Committee terms are for one year.

Changes in Program Area

The Right to Research Coalition is bound by the Student Statement on the Right to Research, and as such operates solely within the area governed by the Statement.  However, if the need to alter the Coalition's program area should arise, an amendment to the Statement must be passed by each member of the Coalition.